Our Objective

To provide a comfortable and inviting environment where all student members can interact to assist in the personal development through both training sessions and daily interaction, in the areas of leadership, social responsibility, self realization and interpersonal cooperation. Encourage more students to conducting and coordinate events that will enhance their experience and become more prepared to face the challenges of the global work force. Association will work to promote a positive relationship among students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Our Mission

Conduct and host workshops, social events, expert lectures and soft skills development activities. To generate revenue for training, workshops, supporting deserving students with innovative ideas, for purchase of electronic components, tools, ICs, kits required for hands-on. To promote, encourage and co-ordinate student clubs & societies. To provide leisure learning & recreational opportunities to its members by conducting quality extracurricular activities.

Our Goals

To nurture/up bring/cultivate/foster holistic development in students. Involve students in activities that will develop good teamwork qualities and leadership skills. To promote enhancement of social, managerial & technical skills of members. Create a environment that promotes creativity in form of innovative ideas & projects.